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Free Beauty Package

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Terms & Conditions:

Only ONE package per individual, per order, at any time. If you get more than one your order will be void.

We have a small number of packages currently available. If we are able to make up more packages and you would like to be notified (as well as our new product releases) please subscribe to our mailing list. We hope to release these every month.

Sadly due to limited stock, we cannot offer any swaps or replacements on this product. The nature of the packets is a lucky dip aimed to be a lovely surprise. If the product(s) inside are unsuitable for you, pass the act of kindness forward  

These beauty packages are completely free and are a GIFT from Eltoria. All we ask is for you to cover the postage cost (£2.95). For more information on the packages please check out Eltoria's behind the scenes video here.

All products in the beauty packets have either been bought by Eltoria or kindly gifted by brands. Due to Eltoria's online presence (especially with gift unboxings) she accumulates a lot of products that are physically impossible to consume due to the volume. Everything is new and untouched and has been inspected multiple times before sending out. Usually, these products would be donated to charities like The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation and women refuge charities like The Beauty Banks. Sadly due to the current health situation in the world, Eltoria is unable to make these regular donations due to closures. Therefore, she would like to offer these beauty packets to every darling in the UK. 

Eltoria or any company is making NO profit from this. 

Each gold beauty package includes x3 treats chosen at random (like a lucky dip) and a small card.